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Subscription Boxes

We created bundles to make your life easier. Our bundles give you 5% off the combined cost of all the items. If you love them and decide to subscribe monthly, you get 10% off!

Food Bundle

We thought we would take the stress out of buying pantry staples, so put together this bundle based on what we have seen you order.

The bundle includes:


1.5kg Organic Rolled Oats

2kg    Organic Pasta: Pennette / Spaghetti

1kg    Organic Rice: White Basmati / Brown Shortgrain 

500g  Organic Wholewheat Couscous /  Organic Red Lentils

300g  Organic Raisins / Organic Toasted Sunflower seeds

300g  UK Grown Roasted Split Peas: Salt & Vinegar / Smoked Paprika

200g  Organic Dark Chocolate Buttons


Monthly Subscription

Simply make your food choices for the first month, and thereafter we will be in touch with you each month to see whether you want anything different.

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Dishwashing Bundle

Looking to make your dishwashing more eco-friendly but don't know where to start? Take a look at our new dishwashing bundle which will start you off on the right foot. Subscribe monthly to ensure you're never caught short!


The bundle includes:


Box of 36 plastic-free dishwasher tabs
300ml hard water rinse aid 
500ml Spiced ginger washing up liquid 
Coconut fibre washing up brush


Monthly Subscription

Just let us know when you need a new brush, everything else you will automatically receive each month.

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