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Raw organic extra virgin coconut oil 1l

100% NATURAL & ORGANIC Made from organic coconuts, our coconut oil is extracted using Cold Pressing, to help keep in the goodness. This means it is still raw (kept below 46C). It is kept premium by using only Extra Virgin coconut flesh, and free from chemicals to be unrefined.


Wondering what to use it for? The possibilities are endless for natural coconut oil! You can cook it, fry it, bake it, roast it and spread it - just use it like any other oil! And the uses continue - it's great as a hair and skin moisturiser, and it even works as a natural make-up remover; a little goes a long way!

Use with our reusable makeup remover wipes.and you have an effective and sustainable makeup remover.

Raw organic extra virgin coconut oil 1l

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