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Basic Emmer


About Emmer

Emmer or Farro is an ancient grain that’s been around forever. Longer than any other grain, in fact. It’s believed that it is the grain from which all others derive.

Emmer is high in protein, fiber and B Complex vitamins and it’s pretty low in gluten.

When cooked, it looks a bit like barley but it has a chewier texture. That chewy texture remains even after long-cooking so it’s great in soups and stews where it never gets soggy. That chewy texture also makes for great, tasty salads. You can pretty much take any pasta salad recipe and turn it into an Emmer salad recipe successfully.


Saute an onion in a heavy bottomed pan with olive or coconut oil.

Add herbs or spices: fennel seeds/ cumin seeds.


When the onions are soft add the emmer and coat with oil and heat through.

Add stock, marigold bouillion, 1-2 teaspoons for about 1-2 cups emmer.


Optional: Add peas towards the end when the water is nearly absorbed. 

Cook 40 minutes on the hob covered with a tight fitting lid. The water may not absorb and can be kept for stocks or stews.

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