Our Delivery Policy

We currently deliver to North and North West London, including Barnet and areas around Borehamwood and Shenley.

Our minimum order for delivery & collection is £20

Delivery is £3.95 on orders up to £30 then it is free.

Delivery day is currently Friday so please order by Thursday 10am for delivery that week.

Collection is from N11. Please be in touch with us to arrange collection.

Delivering Liquids

Kerbside Refill

Our liquid beauty, personal care and food products are filled outside your door.

Correct Bottle size

We ask you to have the correct size bottles ready for us to fill so if you ordered 300ml of soap please have a 300ml soap bottle ready for us to fill at your doorstep. We have now made different amounts for you to order.  


5 Litre Bulk size

We also have 5l bottles of many of our products available and will want you to supply a 5l bottle or combination of sizes to satisfy this amount or return the 5l to refill or not when finished with.

No Bottle:

If you don't have a bottle to fill, we can supply clean bottles for beauty products and food. We do sell new pump and trigger bottles for household, beauty and cleaning products to start off your refilling. Just let us know. 


Where plastic bottles are used, we aim to reuse rather than throw out and we will refill your new trigger and pump bottles with beauty and cleaning products next time you order.

Delivering Food


Jars over Bags

We pack all foods in biodegradable paper bags or clean, sterilised jars. We prefer to reuse jars as this is not creating anything new, using energy and resources or wasting anything either.


Used jars are the cog of Wefil. Without jars all would be in paper bags and that is not ideal as paper does use energy to make it and more often than not only gets used once.  


Please Keep your Used Jars

So it is a huge help to us if you keep your used jars and we will pick them up when we deliver to you. We will also reuse paper bags for you that have your name on, if you return them to us.


Big jars are a premium for us but smaller ones are still useful but a mixture is best. Passata bottles and pickle jars are great for amounts of 500g.


We appreciate clean, label free jars. 


Thank you for your support.

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