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Our Values

All our products are sustainably & ethically sourced and will not harm you or our environment. They are vegan, organic where possible and many are UK grown. We are virtually plastic free. We want to empower you along your zero waste journey. We have tried and tested every product and we hope you love them as much as we do. 


We have worked hard to choose suppliers who share the sustainable and ethical values that we do. Many of them are small, local, artisan companies that we want to support. We also work with closed loop companies so we can return large containers for them to reuse again and again. If you would like more details about our suppliers then please contact us.

We don't use new jars and containers but repurpose bottles and jars from home and our customers, to fill foods and liquids in. When we do sell a new pump or trigger bottle its so we can offer our customers a start on their refilling journey.  

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