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A Food Parcel of Kindness

Lets spring into Spring and reach out to others as the flower bulbs are budding. This week is the Jewish festival of Purim. At Purim its custom to give gifts of parcels of food. This is a great way to let someone know you are thinking of them.


Contents of Parcel:

*This year we have done the hard work for you and made a delicous and nutricous:

Couscous salad with all the zest and flavour you expect from Wefil's home made products.  Choose. your salad size

*Jar of organic dark chocolate buttons 73% or 55% 

*Box of organic Pukka teas choice of: 3 MInt, Love or Peppermint & Liquorice


Ingredients of Couscous Salad: Organic whole couscous, organic sultanas, organic toasted sunflower seeds, organic olive oil, organic red pepper, organic lemon, organic garlic, salt, olive green lentils, mint and parsley, organic vinegars red wine and balsamic & cinnamon and maple syrup.

A Food Parcel of Kindness

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