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Homemade Organic Soups (500ml portions)

By popular demand we have been asked to sell fresh homemade soups.


3 options for you to try for a warming nutricious lunch with some fresh crusty bread or even a light dinner which is so good to have soup or a light meal in the evening when our bodies wind down for the day.


We have:


1. Our popular fragrant lentil* soup - lightly spiced with cumin and a hint of chilly with tomato paste*, carrots*, onions*, garlic, leek* and marigold bouillon*.

2. Nutricious and hearty Split pea soup with green or yellow* split peas, onion*, garlic, oregano, carrots* and potaotoes*, marigold bouillon* and finished off with coconut milk*.

3. Bean & Emmer Soup containing lentils/ split peas/ emmer (like barley)/ & lotsa veg. Not a blended soup but a delicious and nutritious one!


These will be delivered in clean repurposed jars or in your own container for collection. Suitable for freezing or consuming within 5 days. Gluten free and organic produce where.


* Please Order By Tuesday 12pm for soup orders.

Homemade Organic Soups (500ml portions)

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