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Kutis Vegan Deodorant in a cardboard tube

Brilliant tried and tested Kutis deodorants, with long lasting protection 100% natural ingredients. Now we have the range still vegan and also Bicarbonate of soda free so will have less irritation.   All fragranced with essential oils and made with: sunflower oils, cocoa butter and coconut oil.  Also an unscented but works just as well.


Grapefruit and Manderin:

This very popular deodorant citrusy and luscious, just yummy!


Lavender and Bergamot

Lavender a favourite paired with the fragrant Bergamot.


Lemongrass and Tea Tree

A great unisex one, keeping you fresh and fragrant all day.


Non Fragranced 

This is for those with ultra sensitive skin and is very gentle whilst still giving all day protection.


Cedarwood and Rose

For the rose lovers amongst you, this is your deodorant, this one has bicarb of soda.


Kutis Vegan Deodorant in a cardboard tube

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