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Laundry Bundle

We want to make doing your laundry routine not only easy and effective but also for you to never run out of laundry liquid when you most need it!


This laundry bundle will mean you never have to buy a new piece of plastic as you will get your existing bottle refilled again and again. You can be assured that it has all been produced in every stage with only the best ecological and ethical practices in place and no toxic chemicals or artificial fragrances used.


This bundle incl:

1l of our most popular Non Bio Laundry Liquid - unfragranced (Sesi)

500 ml of our Fabric Conditioner - gently scented (Sesi)

250g of Bicarbonate of Soda for taking out more stubborn stains in the wash, refreshing your washing machine and can be used in all areas of cleaning.


Laundry Bundle

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