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Organic Sunflower Mince, plastic free packaging (100g)

A sustainable meat alternative made from sunflower seeds.


The Sunflower Mince is made when organic sunflower oil is gently pressed out of the seed. The remaining seed is used to make a nutritious meaty sunflower mince, high in protein and fibre -  that is really easy to make.


It is so delicious (see recipe) we are so excited to launch it.......AND there are no hidden sugars or salt or soya and wheat. NO SOAKING is required.


100g is a good amount for 4 people to make a bolognaise, filling for lasagna, shepherds pie or more spicey for a tortilla filling... Just add it to your sauce with water:

500-600ml: 100g  sunflower mince.

Organic Sunflower Mince, plastic free packaging (100g)

100 Grams
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